June 30, 2014

Inspiring me today...

Create a line image with crayon and then paint with warm or cool colours
(Source: almosh82 flickr)
blues-once the watercolor has dried you can go in with a fine black ink pen and outline the different tones of color. the effect is really beautiful.
(Source: zsazsabelagio.blogspot.com)
Twinkling H20's watercolor paint pots...check out the Joggles video.  My go to online shop for art supplies. Lots of tutorials and inspiration! I hope you are having a wonderful day.



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  1. Really pretty colors and designs! These are great inspiration. I wish I had time to create something today, but it's a day of indoor chores for me. The yellow flower reminds me of my gardens and the blues and greens make me think of water and cool breezes. Hope you're having a lovely day Roe!


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