June 28, 2014

Family and friends day at the Creative Lounge...

Last Saturday afternoon I hosted an afternoon of creative fun at the studio. We ate, we laughed and most importantly, we were creative! Thank you everyone for coming!

Here are a few of the crafts that were learned and made.
Book page tassels
Tissue paper flower garland

Coffee filter peonies

A few of my buddies...forgive the bad lighting and shadows, I should have had a dedicated photog!
Anne(tassel) & Mom (???)

Alana(Rosette) & Leonora(Alex& Ani bracelets)

Priscilla(peony, rosette) & Mary(garland)
Kim (peony)

Leonora & Pearl(brought her own project to finish)
Can't wait to do this again!!

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  1. Hi Roe! Everyone looks so happy. You all must have had a great time creating. Love all the pretty projects!


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