April 2, 2014

On my worktable...

A couple of jellyfish.
Crocheted Jellyfish

Bella's school project

 My granddaughter Isabella asked me to help her design a 3D jellyfish for a school project on sea life.
She will be presenting a report to the class on this subject. We raided Nana's fabric and fiber stash and came up with a plan. Translucent, synthetic fabric in glittering, iridescent shades of grays, blues and periwinkle would be the body of the jellyfish. We cut many circles of each fabric and Nana (for safety reasons) gently melted the edges using a candle. Doing this caused the fabric to curl and wave, giving the illusion of motion in the water. The top iridescent circle was lightly stuffed with soft, crumpled tulle scraps, looking very much like the insides of a jellyfish. Smaller circles were layered together and were fabric glued together at the center (just as the large circles were). Many different fibers, yarn, and fabric were then hand sewn to the center on the smaller circle pile and became our jellyfish's tentacles. Bella did a great job in placing, sewing and knotting all those many tentacles! Ava helped as well. The tentacle piece was hand sewn to the top and we were done. She was very proud and happy with her creation. We had so much fun, and...I think she deserves an A+.

The crocheted jellyfish in the top picture was made by me, just for fun. Maybe Bella can wear it as a necklace on the day of her presentation! What do you think?



  1. WOW!!!!!!!! You are totally amazing. Bella is so lucky to have you Nana.

  2. I think you both deserve an A+!


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