February 25, 2014

On my work table...

Spring nests...
These nests are so fun to make, tutorial here. They are knitted with wool and all sorts of fiber, textiles and fluff added in as you knit. I have also made them using crochet and huge hook. Totally random, with lots of stuff poking out! Throw them in a lingerie bag, add to the washing machine with hot water and a couple of long cycles of agitation and everything fulls (felts) together nicely. Shape while wet...trim here and there, if you must. You can embellish further with attached curly twigs, french knot moss embroidery, blown out quail eggs or small spun cotton birds. A fun spring decor item and lovely gift for a friend!
I will be listing these in my Etsy store later this evening.
Will you be giving it a try?


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  1. These are really cool! I've made them that look similar, but used my own hand spun. They are so fun!


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