November 29, 2013

Cleaning Annie Sloan brushes...

I have a nice selection of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® brushes that I intend to keep in top notch condition. The paint brushes are easy to clean and I always take my time and make sure all traces of paint are gone. To that end, I like to use a mild but thorough hand cleaner called Fast Orange®, made by Permatex,  to clean all my brushes. It is gentle on the natural bristles and rinses out completely. Most soaps will accomplish the same thing...Where Fast Orange® really shines though is when cleaning those sticky wax application brushes. I have never been satisfied with other methods of cleaning the wax brushes.

available at most home stores

Here is how I do it:
  1. Rinse brush thoroughly in hot water.
  2. Squirt a small amount of Fast Orange® in the palm of your hand.
  3. Clean your brush in your palm using a circular motion, the soap will work up an through the bristles.
  4. Rinse well...repeat if necessary.
  5. Shake your brush hard into the sink to remove excess water.
  6. Stand brush up in container to finish drying.
My brushes look practically new every time, and quickly!
Let me know if you try it.

November 15, 2013

Studio Lighting...

I purchased an old school globe on eBay, no stand, just the globe. It was a great size at sixteen inches in diameter, for making into two light fixtures. We needed more direct lighting at the cash/wrap. The counter is eight feet long, so I needed good sized fixtures...I ordered all of the light making components from this Etsy seller, Snake Head Vintage, who was very helpful.  He sells vintage style lighting cords, sockets, etc.  They are excellent quality and I will be buying from him again for sure. The sockets were solid brass, and the have screwed together much easier than the cheap pop off ones available in the home stores. I chose gray covered cloth cord, black sockets and fittings.
It was difficult to photograph them, and they look great in person, but you get the idea. There is a paper plane garland, made from vintage maps flying in the background...yep, not your typical FedEx drop-off! We are so happy to have this business inside the studio and it has made shipping a bit easier.
Please stop by and visit us if you live in the Rochester area, your first shipment is 15% off!!

On my work table today...

A baby gift for Shea Madison.
For her lovely nursery...the vintage domed glass frame was an Etsy purchase. I used a vintage, pale pink, wool blanket that I fulled as the background. A found antique knit pattern for the delicate over-the-knee bootie sock, was knit up in ivory wool. Various ribbons, buttons and crochet bits were added. The finishing touch was an old brass pin and a photo locket. Done.

November 6, 2013

Creative Lounge Night

We have a class scheduled for November so far...yay!

Mixed Media Coasters on  Friday November 22nd.

Please see the Calendar page for details and sign up on the Online Shop page.

There will be another class added for the Mixed Media Fabric Beads later in the week!