October 7, 2013

Walnut Buffet...

Almost finished. This beautiful, large buffet just needs some light distressing and waxing. I am searching for the perfect knobs for the drawers, as the original pulls were in very bad shape. The piece was bought for my daughter's dining room and was destined to be a mustard yellow color. It would have been stunning against the "Dusty Lead" deep gray walls. Unfortunately, it just was a bit too big for the room. So the search for smaller buffet continues...
My husband is set to open our FedEx® Shipping Center this week. It is a perfect fit in the studio and allows us to easily deliver and receive furniture for our customers. He is still quite enamored with the dock in the back! The cash/wrap counter and POS (point of sale) system is up and ready to go. Over the weekend we finished this great industrial piece. Mr. B. refinished the gorgeous maple top and I primed and painted the metal bottom in matte black. It was unrecognizable from its earlier state, a dreary army green, dirty and covered in stickers...We will use it as a wrapping station for now but it is for sale here on Etsy. It is also available at the studio for local pickup.
Here is the area for the shipping drop-off.
There are a few finishing touches needed, we are adding a hanging light over the counter, a runner rug, signage, etc. Definitely not your typical shipping center! We love the vintage feel of it.

The vestibule floor is completed and I have begun to style it, I will finish it up tomorrow. Here is a peek at it...
The view from outside...
Lots more to do, but my house is demanding a little attention today, along with the laundry. It is a rainy day and I am craving a home cooked meal as well!



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