September 21, 2013

New Stools...

I have ordered ten new stools for the Creative Lounge worktables. They are industrial, sturdy and have a nice padded leather seat. We will be up and down a lot during the sessions and these will be easy to move if needed. They also are stack-able, which was a huge plus. Don't they have a slight Tolix vibe?

Mr. B. has been down with a bug, this week. He is very close to having the worktables ready. I have to let him rest a bit. So much of the studio work has been a grind, especially on him. It is physically demanding to get a space this large in shape. We have to remember that in time it will all get done.
The mind is willing ...but, the body is losing it!
I did manage to finish a petite French buffet/hutch this week, I will share the photos when it is styled.
My goal this week is to put down a checkered taupe and black floor in the large vestibule. It was painted a few weeks ago and it will be fun to accessorize this area for the autumn season. So, I need to get this done. It is a ten by eight foot space so it can handle a piece of furniture or two.
Here are my inspiration photos...



I am going the peel and stick should be fairly easy after the existing floor is cleaned well.
It will be a nice clean start to the fun part...(oh no, I am rhyming now)!

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  1. Love that floor!! It's going to look great. I'll be watching for before and after pics :).


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