July 2, 2013

New Studio/Class and Retail space...

Before pictures of the new studio. It will house Mr. B's workshop, a paint room for furniture, plenty of studio, class and retail areas. The light is wonderful and it has just the right industrial vibe. We can't wait to get in and get started. What do you think? Lots of potential, right?
Entrance on the left, workshop right

Class area

This window is over the office area

There are three more spaces in the back, a painting room, staging/photography room, storage room that has a loading dock (so convenient for furniture deliveries). It is nearly 7000 square feet. The space will need some paint and a good cleaning. We will add a small kitchen area, cash/wrap counter and our FedEX drop off shipping counter. Mr. B and his business partner had a great idea with this, since some of our furniture and smaller items will need to shipped. It will also create traffic for our retail area. Hopefully, everything will be finalized in the next few weeks.