June 17, 2013

Replacing Google Reader With Bloglovin

Thank you to the Kimmie Chronicles for this excellent tutorial...

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 11.24.50 AM

Hi readers! As you know, Google Reader will be on its way out in about 3 weeks. There's still time to transfer the blogs you read over to Bloglovin', and I couldn't recommend it enough. Here's how:
1. Set up a Bloglovin' account: If you don't have a Bloglovin' account, you can get one here. During the process it will ask if you want to import the blogs you read on Google Reader to Bloglovin'. Click on the button to import and that's it!

If you already have a Bloglovin' account, then here's what to do:

1. Log in to Bloglovin' and click on your profile picture.
Bloglovin Tutorial 1

2. On your profile page, click Edit your profile. This will take you to your account settings, notifications, etc.
Bloglovin Tutorial 2

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Import blogs. Doing this will take you to a page that gives you 2 options. Click on Google Reader and follow the prompts.
Bloglovin Tutorial 3

4. The import literally takes a few seconds to work. Once the import is complete, it will take you back to your Bloglovin' homepage where you can view all the recent posts from your favorite bloggers.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 11.58.12 AM
It's possible with the close of Google Reader that Google Friend Connect may follow. To avoid any complications in the future, I've been following blogs directly on Bloglovin' by clicking on the follow link when I'm reading new posts. The follow link usually looks like a + or a heart. 
Let me know if you need any help and I hope to see you all on Bloglovin'!

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