February 16, 2013

Faux Taxidermy...

On a roll, testing out the patterns I drew up. The deer head just needed a little adjustment here and there. I am pleased with this one. He will have a second antler, shortly (cannot believe I ran out of stuffing). You never really know how darts and gussets are going to work until the piece is made up, and stuffed. A good amount of time is spent un-stuffing, resewing and stuffing again, until it looks right. It is a learning experience and each pattern is better than the last.

After the second antler is sewn on, it will be time to decide on the finish, I can't make up my mind. It is nice as the natural canvas, but eyes and nose will need to be added as well. Any suggestions? Definitely will be making more of these deer!

The bunny head worked perfectly first time and it is small and sweet. I can see it in a baby's nursery or older child's room. Frankly, I would hang it up in my room, but I am quirky that way. I will post some pictures after it is ready for hanging. I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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  1. I am working on a pillow with 3d antlers and they are floppy and sad. How did you get yours to hold up.


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