May 17, 2012


MiMi, our new puppy. She is a Bichon-Poo or Poochon and is just nine weeks old. Mr. Darcy is happy to have a new playmate and we are in love with her. Right now, they are both sleeping under my chair.
Yes, we have become "those" people that have many animals. They give us so much joy! I really think that May or June is a fine time to get a puppy, at least here in the northeast. The weather is better and it is easier to bring them outside as often as necessary. MiMi is doing very well with her training and likes playing in the yard with Mr. Darcy. Isn't she adorable?
More on the studio...

This is a picture of the finished studio light that is over the worktable. I made it with an old wire basket and a vintage french cast iron pulley. The wire has been covered in wool crochet (so easy to do) and hung from the ceiling with a hook. It was fun to put together and very easy to wire. I chose a socket with a pull chain.  I am currently using a vintage style Edison light bulb, but I will need to change it to something a bit brighter.What do you think of it?
The stool slipcovers are finished and I love the way they turned out. The fabric was given to me by my daughter Lauren, a while ago. It is a red canvas, much prettier in person. I pre-washed the fabric, because I know they will get dirty. Since I already had the stools, the only expense was the piping I bought. There is a pillow slipped underneath each cover and that has made them more comfortable and soft. The studio is now fully functional and I love being in here! What projects are you working on?