April 27, 2012

Old lace...

Doilies and lace trims that were added to my collection this week. I also found this delightful cabinet card from this Etsy seller. Do you see that she is wearing fingerless gloves? So adorable and chic. Her brother is very handsome as well. Lately, I have been drawn to these vintage photos. Child subjects are particularly interesting to me. I have a number of old baby ones, and maybe it is the unpredictable expressions and poses I love. Do any of you collect these old vintage photos? How do you display them? Right now, quite a few are displayed in my studio, but there are also some throughout the house that are part of my cloche ephemera.
I am getting ready to visit my son, daughter-in-law and grandson in Charleston. Master Eli will turn one year old, very soon! We are missing him so much. The weather is so nice there, I am looking forward to getting my vitamin D the old fashioned way, and not in pill form! The sun has been scarce around here. Eli is a real beach lover and we will be spending our time on Kiawah Island while we are there.
When I get back, I will be putting the finishing touches on the studio and getting back to work, finally.
I hope you have a fantastic weekend!! Hugs...

April 12, 2012

Working on...

Finishing the studio, an endless project it seems. I am enjoying it though. Shelves and pegboard have been put up, the pegboard is wonderful for all the tools, glues, little things that I use all the time. Very handy. Mr. B. put a nice frame around it and I love the black background. My tole, hand painted basket looks so pretty there, a good place to stash my current magazines. The worktable has been used many times already and the size is just right.

The shelves are a nice place for my large storage jars, holding ephemera, zippers, wire, lace, threads, etc. Miss Annabelle keeps an eye on everything. Beneath here, will be my cozy chair and ottoman. If I ever get to the reupholstering of it,  that is. There is another long shelf that I will put up over the desk's inspiration board. I was lucky to find a deal on eBay for the vintage styled cast iron brackets, I needed twelve of them. Mr B. is also building an open cupboard, about twenty-eight inches high by thirty-eight inches wide, with three shelves and a row of drawers, just eight inches wide. It will hold the bits and bobs needed at the sewing table. The cupboard will be installed just above the pin board over the sewing table. I found this photo and this photo on pinterest and we went from there to customize it.

The closet is now housing my paints, hung from an inexpensive shoe bag, organized my color and type. I was amazed at how much paint I really have...how much of everything I have! The ribbon is hanging next to it on a pants hanger. I wish I could say this was all of it, but I have also filled a drawer with the various other ribbons. Anyway, the hanger idea works well and I will get more of them. Do you see the measuring stick hanging next to it with a pair of scissors?

 This fan was found in my daughter's old barn and she gave it to me. It was filthy and green, but it worked smoothly and quietly. I took it completely apart and cleaned it well. I then painted the base red (I know you are surprised), and the cage matte black. The blades were in good condition so I left them aluminum. It is a perfect addition to the room and I like that it can hang on the wall, or pegboard if I want it to. The old cast iron mailbox found a home on the wall next to the closet.

I have also finished making the elephant for a local charity UNYFEAT (Upstate New York Families for Effective Autism Treatment) event. A cause that is very important to me. It will be in the silent auction. He is a charmer, his name is Peanuts.
At Easter I experimented with natural dyes for my organic brown eggs, the green needed a little help.
The leftover beet, red cabbage and blueberry dyes were used to color some washed linen. I was happy with the result and really surprised at how dark the blueberry stained the cloth, a beautiful shade of purple. I'll share the cloth later.

So that is what I have been up to...I am hoping to show the finished studio soon, as well as share some new fun projects. Like this one, a free motion pillow made for a cousin's grandchild. It is stitched on linen in navy blue to match his nursery chair. The inspiration is taken from a drawing in a 1910 advertisement for little boys bathing costumes! I am itching to stitch more. What have you been up to??