March 12, 2012

A sneak peek at my new studio space...

If you have wondered where I have been for the past few months, I have been involved in many projects. One very important project, for me was the new studio space I am creating in an upstairs room.
I have made enough progress to show you some of it. The space is eleven feet by thirteen feet, and has a nice large five foot window with wonderful light. Although you will doubt me on that one, since my photos taken with my iPhone are very dark. Anyhow they are not the final pictures and at least you can get an idea of the area and the furniture I have placed in it.

 Here are some "before" photos, taken after my sons furniture was moved out and the back wall stripped of its wallpaper.
Next came the painting, I chose a neutral color, Martha Stewart's potter's clay. It is a warm grayish taupe. The walls and trim were painted in the same color, in a satin finish. I decided that it would be less busy than keeping the white trim. I was right. It is difficult to capture true colors but you will get the feeling for it, I hope.
You can see my pride and joy, super thrifty, craiglist purchased buffet/hutch in pieces. It is solid cherry, very heavy, forty-eight inches wide and seven feet tall. The brand is Temple-Stuart, nicely made with dovetailed drawers, dust trays under the drawers, curved glass, solid brass hardware, etc. I know some of you will cringe, because I painted a nice cherry piece, but trust me Annie Sloan "old white", with waxing and distressing, is so much nicer than the orange '50's stain that was on it. Overall the piece was in excellent shape. Do you want to know how much I paid for it? Fifty dollars. Score. Now here is the finished hutch, with new drawer hardware and hinges painted in black to match. The inside top is painted in Annie Sloan "coco" chalk paint. Which just happened to be two shades darker than my walls! What do you think? Lots of great storage...
To the left of the hutch is my desk, I borrowed the farm table that was in our sun room. It was just the right size at twenty-four inches by sixty inches. There is even a drawer. The table was already painted an off white, but it also received the Annie Sloan "old white" treatment. I decided to use satin polyurethane on the top for added protection. My large iMac screen tucks into the corner, leaving plenty of extra workspace. The inspiration board is made from homasote (1/2 " thick compressed carboard product) cut to measure at Home Depot. I bought the whole four foot by eight foot piece for about thirty dollars, and will use another one over by the sewing table. This one measures thirty-six by forty-eight inches. I can't wait to fill it up. It will have some of the vintage wire  trivets I have, tacked up to it for magnets. Sometimes you just do not want to put a hole into things.
Next is the sewing table...I am in love with it. Mr. B. made a top for my antique sewing treadle base. I have had this in the guest room with a piece of glass on it, for a night table.  He used MDF for the top since I was going to upholster it. My sewing machine fits inside a well so that I am sewing on a level surface. It makes such a difference, my machine runs quieter and I am at a more comfortable height. He left extra space on the left, so that I can access the free arm when I need to. It is upholstered in a Japanese linen/cotton, fine weave called Koseki Sewing Lesson. It was purchased here at Superbuzzy, Inc. and comes in other colorways. Isn't it perfect? You know I had to have my red pops in this room, too.

 I still need to find a good sewing chair, but I tried it out on a new puppy bed for Mr. Darcy. The fabric was a lucky blog giveaway win from Decorology, I was able to get the twenty-six inch pillow also. You can see the puppy isn't sure about it yet, he decided to lay next to it instead of on it!
 Now here are a few pictures of the work table. I created it using  two small bookcases purchased at WalMart for $15 each. They are black laminate, MDF cheapies that you put together yourself, but only if you have completed a PhD. Just kidding, it wasn't that bad. I am just used to Mr. B. handling the construction bit, but he was out of town. Anyway, I was pleased to show him, upon his return, my new work table. No surprise, its top is a thirty-six by eighty inch door, from Home Depot. Twenty -five bucks. Painted in, you guessed it, Annie Sloan's "old white" chalk paint. Again, I used several coats of water based polyurethane for protection. It is counter height and large enough for two adults or several grandchildren to play at. The latter have already decided that this is their favorite room. My many rolling carts fit neatly underneath and beside, great for storage.
The top is cluttered at the moment waiting for the chalkboard paint pegboard to go up, behind the table. Lots of shelving needs to be put up, the closet organized and filled with the fabric, art supplies, and tools stored downstairs. Not to mention a chair and ottoman to reupholster (they will tuck into the other side of the hutch, by the window)! Lighting for over the work table has yet to be installed. My Ott light is happily sitting on the sewing table and is so helpful at night. I suppose I will also need a light next to that reupholstered chair, maybe a floor lamp or plug in sconce to save floor space. Phew, I am tired again...
If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, please let me know! I will be back soon with the completed studio, because I am dying to get back to work creating beautiful things, instead of a big mess.


  1. What a great space! It looks like there's a place for everything. Super fuctional and cute, too. I LOVE your sewing table!

  2. What a wonderful space -- I'm extremely envious! :-)

  3. Wow! Your hutch is fancy! Mine are way not fancy...


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