August 17, 2011

Studio inspiration...

 In the basement studio, there just isn't the kind of light I crave, need really. So, it has become a storage (dumping gound) for my endless supplies. It does have two small windows and wonderful built-in storage drawers and cabinets (thank you, Mr. B.), but I feel so disconnected down there. Consequently, I make many trips up and down to finish and clear away projects. When I have a friend over to work with me, well, then we take over the whole kitchen! I will probably use the basement room for some of the storage, for example, seasonal supplies.  Here are a few inspiration studio favorites from my Pinterest board, Studio.

My son Matt's old room will become my new studio. The light is very good and I will have some space to spread out and keep current projects out if I need to.  First, I  have to clear out his "stuff",  all the things that he did not take with him. I will pack them up and put them in the already overflowing attic. My boy is sentimental about everything, there are actually a couple of old T.V.'s up there that he won't let us part with. I know, I know, where do they get this from???

The room is not very big, about 11 x 13, so I will have to be very organized and storage is a must. First, I will need to remove the "old world map" wallpaper from the back wall. He had a 1930's "Raiders of the Lost Ark" thing going on, complete with bi-plane hanging from the ceiling, that is painted like sky with clouds. Yes, there will be lots of painting. A new floor as well. Mr. B. wants to put hardwood up in the three bedrooms in the children's wing.  I think this will work, since much of my studio work involves sewing and fiber. Wet or messy projects can still be handled if care is taken. I used Make Room courtesy of Urban Barn, to lay it out. (Yes, Mr. B. it is to scale, and yes, I am fitting a lot in there.)
work table 42"x60"
desk/sewing table 24"x75"

The color I want for the walls will be a neutral warm greige. The trim will be a warm white. Mr B. will build me a worktable similar to this Ballard Designs one, I just love it and it will give me the room I need to spread out. The zinc top is perfect and impervious. It will also have a couple of stools and in one corner of the room, I will have a comfy chair for hand sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc. I am on the lookout right now for a hutch/ buffet piece that I can paint out, for the back wall. A couple of old file cabinets to paint and an old door on top, will become a desk/sewing table in front of the window. The wall from the closet side wrapping around to the desk side will have pegboard, so that all my tools and thread can be handy. I have this down in the basement room and it is so nice to have everything in sight. The work table wall will have a large pin board and chalk board for inspirations and notes. The chair will have a floor lamp and maybe a small stool or table for my tea! The desk will hold my IMac/printers/silhouette and my sewing machine. The bookcase will hold reference materials and my favorite art books. I particularly like the idea of an old hutch/buffet combo. It will allow me to display some of my favorite things, and be a photo prop for product shoots. The closet has lots of built in shelves, too.
What do you think of my plan?


  1. Hello
    Thanks so much for stopping by, your studio sounds like it will be awesome. I am combining two studio's in one right now and that will be a challenge. The studio is 11.5'x23.5' and I also have the problem of fitting a lot of bigger items in. I have built in counters around the wall area and have considered taking those out. Today I found some great flooring and I am installing that...
    I hope you have a wonderful productive day

  2. I think it's a really good plan! There's a lot in there, but the layout is really good. A zinc topped table would be so handy!

  3. Love love love the teal cabinet! Seeing your pics makes me want to get organized and creative! You are so talented and I enjoy your site! Here is my post on the pebble mat :)

  4. I find organizing soothing and fun actually. Your plan looks wonderful to me!

  5. Sounds like you'll have a functional, inspirational space soon! Have fun!

  6. Does Mr. B make house calls because I need help with my craft space too .... I love griege ... great word

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