July 12, 2011


From my DIY board via Bluebellgray
Junky. That's what I am. Follow me here! If you wondered how to save your pictures of inspiration and DIY, etc. without having to describe your pin, just space bar once and pin. Voila, this helps when you do not have very much time, and the picture is self explanatory. My life is plenty busy right now and I apologize for not posting more often. Right now I am planning my son's graduation party and making a lot of decorations. Time is just slipping away...just like summer, isn't it? I hope you will peruse my pinterest site and find the inspiration that has fueled my creativity lately. You have all been busy, too, I see!!!
From Home board
From Roseanna's Style board via Old Gringo.com

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  1. I LOVE (with all my heart, the fabric hanging on the wall... I need to get one just like it!


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