April 5, 2011

Jute crochet covered demijohn...

picked up this "faux" demijohn at TJ Maxx a while ago. The "real" antique demijohns are not in my budget.  Forgive the photos it was getting late and I lazily used my flash. The bottle is a nice big size and I wanted to cover it in jute using a lattice design. I could have used a tie on method, but I decided to try crochet instead. A size  "N" crochet hook was large enough to handle the thick jute, surprisingly, my hands did not hurt from the rough texture. Crocheting loosely helped as did using a heavy duty hand lotion! The lattice pattern gave me just the effect I was looking for. Now when the vacuum cleaner runs into it on the floor, it will be a little safer. This could be used on one of those carboy bottles or the gallon glass vinegar jugs as well. If anyone wants the how-to, let me know...

I also baked some wholesome, hi-protein bread today.  These terracotta bread pans from a local upstate NY potter are my favorite for making sandwich/toast slices. I scatter the bottoms with toasted sesame seed, yummy. It was just the thing for another gray, rainy, day.
I am looking forward to this weekend and some South Carolina sunshine, I will be visiting my oldest son and his wife in Charleston.
They are expecting their first baby, a boy very soon!

...and here is a sneak peek of Mr. B.'s latest project (we hung it temporarily to test the fit) it is knock off of the Pottery Barn Cubby.
It is so well made, I cannot wait to paint it (it also needs its backing on) and put on the little enameled number plates I made for each
cubby, there are 25 of them. The Pottery Barn version just has painted numbers.
I hope you are having a great week!!!
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  1. I really like the look of a crocheted cover~it looks great, Roseanna! The cubby is really nice. Once you paint it and put the numbers on it, it's going to be really cool. You've been busy! Enjoy Charleston. :)

  2. Hi. Love the jute covered jug. Nice work!

  3. That crocheted jug is amazing! Love that PB style shelf too. Can't wait to see it with the numbers! X

  4. Ummm Mom! Where is the recipe?

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