February 11, 2011

The sun is out...

Yeah, but it is very cold. I don't care, the sun is out! The house is filled with light. I am feeling like the puppy, cozy and lazy.  Tonight is the high school talent show that Ian, my youngest will be the emcee for, like his brother before him, three years ago. No rivalry here, much. They are so different except for their wit. This is so much more than just introducing the performers. There is a whole theme going on and traditionally, the emcee's are as entertaining as the very talented kids that perform. He will be awesome, proud Mom here! It seems like yesterday he was sporting this and now he's going to graduate and go on to college. My last baby, sigh. Except, of course, for those gorgeous grandchildren. Six of them and one on the way (a grandson, Eli)! My mother is still shaking her head at this, I was an only child!

Three of them spent the night here on Saturday and we had such fun...Colin the oldest was working on a paper mache great white shark. It was for the report he is doing today at school (can't wait to hear how it went). Nana helped and we even made a see thru tummy filled with the sort of things that sharks are know to have eaten. The girls, meanwhile were in Valentine collage making heaven. Glue, glitter, lace, paper, ribbon, fabric heaven. Later, there was a big snowstorm outside and we all snuggled upstairs in the sitting room with fireplace lit. Nana loves spending time with them, especially if there are art projects to do! We also like to cook and bake together.

I guess I wore the girls and puppy out!

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  1. Awww, that looks like such a great time for your grandkids. Very best of luck to your son, the emcee, tonight!

  2. Your grand kids are beautiful! It looks like you all had a great time.

    It's bittersweet to see the youngest grow up. We still have a few more years with ours, but the day he leaves is going to come fast.


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