February 18, 2011

Shredded Magazine Wreath...

Yes, I am still playing with those shredding scissors. Actually, I tried to use our paper shredder and discovered it doesn't work anymore. Time to buy a new one.  It definitely would make this project a quick one. I love this quirky wreath. Of course, you could also make this out of book pages ( I am a little obsessed). Cleaning out some of my magazines, I was filling up the recycle bin very quickly. What can I do with a few of these? To my dismay, this wreath only used about a dozen pages. However, it would also make great packaging material, so when I purchase a new shredder, I think I will make a bunch more and store it. Uh huh, yeah...put them in the recycle bin, fool. Mr. B. will be laughing right about now, but he really liked the wreath!

Here is what you will need:

Old magazines, or book
Spray mount adhesive (I used Super 77)
Round edge styrofoam wreath (mine is 10 ", from the Dollar store, so I guess this could be called a "Dollar Store" craft)
Paper shredder, or shredder scissors
Heavy thread (I used Button and Craft thread)
wax paper (if using the box method)

1. Set up a spray area (this stuff goes everywhere). I used a plastic drop cloth on my kitchen island and an old box, large enough to hold my wreath.
2. Shred your magazine pages, you will need 12-20 of large format (like Martha Stewart Living) or equivalent, and crumple well.

3. Cover your wreath with strips of additional magazine pages and tape in place where appropriate.
4. Place a sheet of waxed paper in the box, or on the dropcloth

5. Put a mound, about 1/2 of the shredded paper on your work surface
6. Place the covered wreath in the box and lightly spray with the adhesive.

7. Remove the wreath and place spray side down on the mound of shredded pages.
8. Press and re-spray as needed adding additional shreddings

9. When it is even and full, to your liking, set aside to dry the adhesive slightly.
10. Take the spool of heavy thread and wrap around the wreath a couple of times to secure the shredded pages.
11. Trim any unruly shreds and hang!

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  1. That's such a fun look! I have so many magazines, I think I could make enough of those for every home in a medium sized country.

  2. Love it! What a cool way to recycle. :)

  3. That's such a good idea. I think this is a fun activity for kids and it allows them to play with different textures. That's one of the most rewarding benefits of using the shredded paper. It's possible to get a fun project done without complicatedcraft tools. The shape also makes it more interesting to look at and attracts the eye. Nice pics.

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  5. Wow that simply looks superb. I had no idea that one could so much creative with shredded wreath. That looks like a nice little garland :)
    I am try this at home. I have tons of old magazines.

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