February 14, 2011

More book pages...

This time made into very cool tassels. I found this idea via a new blog, Quick Fix Mama. Lacie is my kind of girl. She found book page tassels at a store in her hometown for $20, each! That was a little pricey, so she made them herself, and did a great job. There are several things that appealed to me. First off, you know how I am about books, typography, fonts, etc.  If you have forgotten, check here, here, here, and here for a few examples. Second, the recycling aspect has me all giddy, especially since I have a very large clear vase that collects corks. Mr. B. was wondering why I was collecting them, so thirdly, credibility! Go check these out on her blog, she has a step by step tutorial as well. Thanks Lacie.

So, here is what I made today...

Here are the materials you will need, plus a glue gun. 

I made a few changes as I constructed them, mainly because I could not find the right wire. Oh, I have it alright, just not finding it when I am needing it. Typical. However, I ended up preferring the jute against the cork, anyway. 

1. They are embellished with a simple button and a punched butterfly. Attached with the glue gun. 
2. I had a pair of shredder scissors (these are so much fun), it made the cutting so easy.  
3. I used four half dictionary pages from a 8x6 inch book, and hot glued them around the mushroom stem of the cork.
4. They will look a little wonky, so to secure them tightly I used half a width of strong packing tape around the top.  I think if you do the wire version, it will take care of the problem. 
5. Next I wound and glued the jute on top of the tape.  
6. Screw in (with a little PVC glue) a tiny eye bolt. I chose to use the jute for a hanger. 

This will all make sense if you read Lacie's tutorial.

 I decided to play around with some crocheted fringe, that I made. There are a lot of other materials to experiment with. I am off to crochet some more fringe to finish off the tassel. I'll post a photo when I am finished with it!

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  1. Super cool!!! I love this idea! My mother gave me a pair of those funky scissors. I just saw them in the glovebox in my car a few days ago. Now I have a use for them! I'm going out to get them right now while I'm thinking about it.

  2. Love the Tassles, GREAT job, GREAT idea.

  3. Aww thanks! I love yours! I just thought mine were quick... those scissors would have helped a lot! I'm making a mental note to pick some up for future crafting projects! :)

  4. Really cute idea, and I can't believe those scissors -- I've never seen any like that (I lead a sheltered life, I know) and they are amazing. The tassels look great!

    And thank you for your kindness and sympathy on the loss of my father; your comment was very much appreciated.

    Best wishes, Cass

  5. The most ingenious use I have seen for book pages. Love it!

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