February 21, 2011

Look what I found....

20"x30" $1.59
Shhhhhh! Let's keep it a secret, okay. I stumbled on to this site while looking for white cotton gauze, to dye for ruffles. I am going to make a new duvet with 125" white muslin, and I wanted wide, floppy, ruffles in hand dyed (palest blue) voile or gauze. I started looking around this site and found the craft burlap bag selection...check out these prices! I am going to do some serious ordering. How cute would the colorful potato bag bag be as a memo board in the kitchen? Even the farm girls who probably have access to this stuff all the time have to agree this is a good source. Not even worth the time to sew a burlap bag. I can think of all kinds of projects for these. Oh, and they had the best price for the muslin, also. What do you think?

27"x40" $2.75

February 18, 2011

Shredded Magazine Wreath...

Yes, I am still playing with those shredding scissors. Actually, I tried to use our paper shredder and discovered it doesn't work anymore. Time to buy a new one.  It definitely would make this project a quick one. I love this quirky wreath. Of course, you could also make this out of book pages ( I am a little obsessed). Cleaning out some of my magazines, I was filling up the recycle bin very quickly. What can I do with a few of these? To my dismay, this wreath only used about a dozen pages. However, it would also make great packaging material, so when I purchase a new shredder, I think I will make a bunch more and store it. Uh huh, yeah...put them in the recycle bin, fool. Mr. B. will be laughing right about now, but he really liked the wreath!

Here is what you will need:

Old magazines, or book
Spray mount adhesive (I used Super 77)
Round edge styrofoam wreath (mine is 10 ", from the Dollar store, so I guess this could be called a "Dollar Store" craft)
Paper shredder, or shredder scissors
Heavy thread (I used Button and Craft thread)
wax paper (if using the box method)

1. Set up a spray area (this stuff goes everywhere). I used a plastic drop cloth on my kitchen island and an old box, large enough to hold my wreath.
2. Shred your magazine pages, you will need 12-20 of large format (like Martha Stewart Living) or equivalent, and crumple well.

3. Cover your wreath with strips of additional magazine pages and tape in place where appropriate.
4. Place a sheet of waxed paper in the box, or on the dropcloth

5. Put a mound, about 1/2 of the shredded paper on your work surface
6. Place the covered wreath in the box and lightly spray with the adhesive.

7. Remove the wreath and place spray side down on the mound of shredded pages.
8. Press and re-spray as needed adding additional shreddings

9. When it is even and full, to your liking, set aside to dry the adhesive slightly.
10. Take the spool of heavy thread and wrap around the wreath a couple of times to secure the shredded pages.
11. Trim any unruly shreds and hang!

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February 15, 2011

We have a winner...

February 2011 Giveaway
Random.org has chosen number 18, Laura, of 52 Flea! Congratulations, Laura. Please email me your information and I will get your treasures off to you. Thank you, to everyone who participated. I will be doing this again soon, I appreciate every one of my readers, and love to hear from you. 

February 14, 2011

More book pages...

This time made into very cool tassels. I found this idea via a new blog, Quick Fix Mama. Lacie is my kind of girl. She found book page tassels at a store in her hometown for $20, each! That was a little pricey, so she made them herself, and did a great job. There are several things that appealed to me. First off, you know how I am about books, typography, fonts, etc.  If you have forgotten, check here, here, here, and here for a few examples. Second, the recycling aspect has me all giddy, especially since I have a very large clear vase that collects corks. Mr. B. was wondering why I was collecting them, so thirdly, credibility! Go check these out on her blog, she has a step by step tutorial as well. Thanks Lacie.

So, here is what I made today...

Here are the materials you will need, plus a glue gun. 

I made a few changes as I constructed them, mainly because I could not find the right wire. Oh, I have it alright, just not finding it when I am needing it. Typical. However, I ended up preferring the jute against the cork, anyway. 

1. They are embellished with a simple button and a punched butterfly. Attached with the glue gun. 
2. I had a pair of shredder scissors (these are so much fun), it made the cutting so easy.  
3. I used four half dictionary pages from a 8x6 inch book, and hot glued them around the mushroom stem of the cork.
4. They will look a little wonky, so to secure them tightly I used half a width of strong packing tape around the top.  I think if you do the wire version, it will take care of the problem. 
5. Next I wound and glued the jute on top of the tape.  
6. Screw in (with a little PVC glue) a tiny eye bolt. I chose to use the jute for a hanger. 

This will all make sense if you read Lacie's tutorial.

 I decided to play around with some crocheted fringe, that I made. There are a lot of other materials to experiment with. I am off to crochet some more fringe to finish off the tassel. I'll post a photo when I am finished with it!

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February 11, 2011


I have been enjoying my sketchbook again...coming up with some new patterns and ideas. This is one I did when the grandchildren were over, we were all sketching. It is a scribbled drawing of my handmade bear Oliver.  I also couldn't sleep the other night and made a crocheted heart garland. I decided the next day to add the MOP heart buttons and baker's twine. It is hanging in kitchen/family room doorway with another garland of jute and crystal prisms from an old chandelier. You can make one too! Skip To My Lou offers a free pattern, here. They work up very quickly. Thank you, Cindy for sharing this great pattern. I don't think they are just for Valentine's Day. I have hearts everywhere all year round, and have been collecting hearts for years. I would love to see yours, if you make one. Wouldn't these be fun to make also... Enjoy your weekend!

The sun is out...

Yeah, but it is very cold. I don't care, the sun is out! The house is filled with light. I am feeling like the puppy, cozy and lazy.  Tonight is the high school talent show that Ian, my youngest will be the emcee for, like his brother before him, three years ago. No rivalry here, much. They are so different except for their wit. This is so much more than just introducing the performers. There is a whole theme going on and traditionally, the emcee's are as entertaining as the very talented kids that perform. He will be awesome, proud Mom here! It seems like yesterday he was sporting this and now he's going to graduate and go on to college. My last baby, sigh. Except, of course, for those gorgeous grandchildren. Six of them and one on the way (a grandson, Eli)! My mother is still shaking her head at this, I was an only child!

Three of them spent the night here on Saturday and we had such fun...Colin the oldest was working on a paper mache great white shark. It was for the report he is doing today at school (can't wait to hear how it went). Nana helped and we even made a see thru tummy filled with the sort of things that sharks are know to have eaten. The girls, meanwhile were in Valentine collage making heaven. Glue, glitter, lace, paper, ribbon, fabric heaven. Later, there was a big snowstorm outside and we all snuggled upstairs in the sitting room with fireplace lit. Nana loves spending time with them, especially if there are art projects to do! We also like to cook and bake together.

I guess I wore the girls and puppy out!

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February 7, 2011

Vintage Fun Giveaway....

have been cleaning and organizing lots of spaces in my home. I won't call it an early spring cleaning, it would be an insult to all those spotless housekeepers out there to do so. Rather I have been sorting the "stuff" and I thought it would be fun to have a giveaway with some of my favorite little things, that I would like to share. So here they are. I am showing them in Mr. B's beautifully turned bowl, that is not part of the giveaway!
Here is what you will get : A hand knitted/fulled bird's nest, with three real blown out quail's eggs,
a vintage doily pin made with vintage velvet leaves and seam binding, a recycled crochet covered jar, a shabby stuffed heart with a vintage button tied on with baker's twine, a small garland made with french primer pages, two fabric printed vintage pictures of a little flower girl (who happens to be my aunt Rose at three years old, c. 1923) and two fabric printed urns. (simply remove the paper backing, and use as you like).

I would love it if you will follow me and if you are already a follower, let me know and you will have two chances to win. Just leave a comment below, by Valentines Day, February 14th, that's it. International readers are welcome! I will randomly choose a winner on Tuesday February 15th! Good Luck...

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February 4, 2011

My Etsy...

Shop has an update...finally. I have several more items I will add next week. Please take a look, I welcome your input. I offer free shipping in the United States and Canada. My first update in a long time has some of my hand spun wool items. Yes, I am still spinning. It keeps me sane. I can completely zone out. Sometimes that gets me in trouble.

I have also been working on a little Valentine surprise for the "world" traveler in the family.
Here is a peek...you know how he loves elephants! Shhh! I hope he is too busy to read my blog (he usually doesn't).

Oh, and I am having a giveaway on Monday. I hope you will like it!