January 6, 2011

Yesterday's thrifty finds...

K. and I decided to go to our favorite "they call it an antique shop", we call it "an archeological dig".  It is cluttered, chaotic and dirty. Yep, we love it. We have always found something to go home with. I think next time I will take some pictures, you really have to see it, to believe it.
Anyway, K found a gorgeous 1880's pressed glass pedestal cake server. It was square, about twelve inches, and so heavy that when she picked it up, she nearly dropped it. Of course, it was covered in grime, but it cleaned up nicely. She also found a large round globe bowl, possibly a fish bowl, that she will use for seasonal dioramas, like this one. I picked up mine at an antique shop while visiting my daughter, five dollars! Her last find was an amber depression era glass pitcher. I will ask her to take pictures in their new environs.

Here is what I found: large silver plated, footed tray; four elaborately decorated, linen napkins; four piece embroidered linen dresser scarves;  wool sweater for fulling; large handwoven wool blanket for fulling; buckles and buttons; two vintage wool yarn skeins; a metal folding ruler (great pewter patina); 1900's letter press, embossed, colored, card.

Aren't these napkins beautiful? They are quite large at twenty inches. What have you been collecting lately? I know, I know I am supposed to be purging in January. It is on the must do list!

One last thing, I wanted to show you the large version of my grain sack tree. It fit perfectly on my urn in the kitchen. I am leaving this one and the smaller one on my mantel up for the winter. I just love them and think they look very seasonal. What do you think?


  1. Oh, what fun! I love treasure hunting! You found some beautiful things and I just love the tree in the urn.

  2. hi roseanna! thanks for your comment! lovin those napkins!



  3. I love your trees!
    You found some great stuff! Those napkins would make some beautiful pillows, and that ruler is making me drool just a little.

  4. Hello!
    Just found your blog tonight! What fun stuff! Love the tree in the urn! My mom used to make those when I was a kid!

  5. Lovely finds! LOVE that card! He looks just like my new Boston Terrier puppy, who is just about the cutest darn thing ever!

    Happy new year!


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