January 14, 2011

No. 7 Protect and Perfect...

By Boots, a British company, sold at Target. Stop what you are doing and go immediately to Target and buy this product (unless you have been snowed in like we have). In fact, any of the No. 7 line of products. I have used the department store (read, expensive) lotions and potions since I was in my early thirties. Day cream, night cremes, eye serums, you name it, I had it. They were very nice, but these products are better, and less expensive. (I admit it, I am a sucker for an E channel, Entertainment tonight, Dermatologist touting the newest celeb miracle product.) First, I tried the Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum ($19.99). Amazing, disappears completely into the skin and leaves a softer than soft feel. I love this stuff. My skin is sensitive, dry, and prone to winter bouts of dermatitis. Not anymore. There is a reason this has been a top seller in the U.K.  It is in a generously sized bottle with a nice pump applicator. I use it in the morning under my makeup and in the evening, along with the toner, and night creme I received for Christmas. Usually Mr. B. gets run over at the Lancome /Estee Lauder counters before he holiday and they load him up, sometimes with irritatingly, redundant products. So this year I steered him to Target and told him about my new found love. I highly recommend the Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum (there is an "intense" version, for a little more $22.99) to start with. See if you agree with me and if you do, try some of the other products. I also liked the day creme (with an SPF), night creme and the eye creme. The rose scented toner is wonderful. They have a line of natural cosmetics, also. Has anyone else tried this brand?


  1. To jump on the bandwagon, if they do the Day Sorbet over with you guys it is absolutely perfect for someone with post-teen greasy skin. And their toner is the best. I started using it before Christmas after stealing some of my Mum's Repair & Protect stuff. Honestly, my skin has never looked so good.

    So yeh, I follow your blog for the crafts and end up commenting on the face cream. ;)

  2. Thanks so muc for the tip!
    I am always looking for good moistuizers.

  3. I've never seen these, but I'll sure be looking for them now. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I will look for this next Target trip . . . I love Boots. It is always on my list of places to stop when I am in England. So happy to know about this link to Target.


  5. A friend who lives in London turned me on to the Boots brand a few years ago and I love it. It's funny because I've veered away from it for some reason but will go back to it again now that you've reminded me!!

  6. I grew up in Canada. And we had a Boots drugstore there. It was FANTASTIC. And yes, I love that Target carries it.

  7. I adore this brand! In England it hit the headlines and shops sold out over night. It was all due to a documentary that was testing so called anti ageing products scientifically to see if the claims were true. In most cases they turned out to be just good at softening the skin however this serum was actually proven to renew skin cells deep down in the epidermis! By the way it is an anti ageing serum and not a moisterizer, it should be worn under a moisterizer cream for full benefit. I use the entire No 7 Protect & Perfect range (I have ultra sensitive skin!) and the results I have had have been amazing! I am 48 and have used it for around 3 or 4 years now and have seen finer lines disappear and deeper lines fade! Having tried other brands such as Creme de la Mer at considerably more I can honestly say this really does work far better! The serum does need to have the protect and perfect moisterizer (day and night) on top though (I also use the eye cream) to work properly. I would gladly pay twice the price for this brand as it's a miracle worker!!!!!!

  8. Thanks for the additional info, Paper Mulberry! I do have the entire No. 7 line and use them everyday...it is an amazing difference in my skin. Like you, I have always had very sensitive skin and these are the only products I will ever use.
    The fact that it is available at such a good price...bonus!!


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