November 10, 2010

Faux deer head...

Here is my take on the faux deer head trend. It is on the wall in my foyer, headed (no pun, intended) up the stairs. Yes, my husband does think I have lost my mind. I really like it, though. He has a nice garland of dictionary pages and a fun paper ball to match. What do you think?

I made the ball with a small styrofoam ball (1 1/2 in), paperback dictionary pages cut into quarters, a pencil and hot glue.
Place the eraser end of the pencil in middle of one quarter page, and wrap around in a way that suits you. Put a small drop of hot glue on bottom of page and press onto ball with pencil. Easy, and no burned fingertips. I am going to make more of these, they are surprisingly sturdy!


  1. I do like the all white heads much more than the real ones.

    I LOVE your dictionary ball! Can you just see a bunch of those on a Christmas tree, maybe with glitter on the edges?

  2. I love the white head better than real ones too. This one is very pretty. The dictionary ball is great too. Good idea. Thanks for sharing.


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