September 7, 2010

I love September, ramblings...

The heat is finally subsiding as well as the humidity. This summer has not been one of my favorites, for a variety of reasons. The high humidity we endured is certainly one of them. I would not make a very good southern belle! Air conditioning is a luxury, and I am thankful to have it, but it was on so often. I really missed having the windows open and pleasant breezes wafting through the house. Mr. B. thrives in this weather, perhaps because he grew up in Washington, D.C. and spent his summers at the family cottage (since the '30's) on Chesapeake Bay (the picture above is the road, single lane, that takes us to the cottage). We often went down in August (the crabs were abundant) and spent two weeks on the bay. I remember 108 degree days in Annapolis and eight months pregnant, not particularly fun. All of our children remember those days fondly and it is a beautiful, special place for sure. Our son Matthew wrote this poem about "our bay" in sixth grade. (He was recovering from a skiing accident, leg broken in three places, and was tutored at home for four months...a very long winter in a cast that stuck straight out. This is why he could not be in school. He must have been wishing for those sunny, hot and humid days!)

At The Bay

The warm, humid air,
Crab pots baited,
Crab pots steaming,
Newspaper laid tables.

The smell of fresh fish,
Whirling clouds over sun,
The dock worn and gray,
Hot feet on hot sand, the
Relief of thunderstorms.

Boat rides to Skipper's Pier,
Fireworks off in the distance,
Playing cards until late.

Hungry sea gulls loud,
Morning songs,
Grandma's corn fritters,
Feeding the horses.

The warm, humid air...

At the Bay.

We have been reminiscing lately about those many changes going on there now.  Changes here too, our youngest Ian, started his senior year of high school today. Our last child beginning an exciting year with many wonderful things to look forward to. One of them is our family trip to Italy in a few weeks. We will be staying with my Uncle in Vicenza and will visit Venice, Florence, Bolzano, and anywhere else that we feel like wandering to. The adventure continues on to Istanbul, Turkey before Ian and I head home and Mr. B. travels on to Moldova for business. Istanbul was Ian's idea, he is fascinated with history and really wanted to see this ancient place. I will be sure to share our adventures upon our return! 

Meanwhile, I have been busy with a few projects around the house, mine and my daughter Lauren's.  She and her family have settled in to their gorgeous Arts and Crafts, turn of the century home and have begun the fun part, making it "their" home. I visited last weekend and we shopped until we dropped. Home Depot, Lowes, Marhall's, antique and thrift stores. So many treasures were found. We stayed up late and drew up design boards and made plans. Since I left, she has stripped, stained, and painted a variety of furniture. Including a favorite find, an arts and crafts style mantle/ over mantle that she stripped, only to discover solid tiger oak. The top piece of the mantle is a 2 1/4 inch solid slab of tiger oak. It will be installed in the dining room. The price you ask, $100, and it was delivered the same day, a Sunday! Score!!! Here is a picture after it was stripped (an iphone shot).

My own projects have involved a lot of painting. The back porch furniture needed some spiffing up. The southern exposure has been tough on everything out there. I decided to change up the color scheme and add some red (my favorite color) to the mix. I am not done yet with all the little details, but here is a peek at what I have done so far. Painted the dresser, wicker chairs, wicker table, wicker chest, and lamps. New lampshades, but they still need some adornment. The "Taj Mahal" of birdcages will not be staying. I will be making new slipcovers for the wicker chair seats and the table chairs. The table's chair seats will be covered with french styled grain sacks, drawstrings tied to the back of the chairs. I came up with this idea in the middle of the night and I will share a tutorial on how they are made. It all starts with drop cloths, of course! They will be easy to remove and wash when required, just undo the drawstring...I know, it  sounds crazy, but trust me you will love them!  Thanks for visiting and listening as always, friends!


  1. Love that poem!! I too love the fall,so fresh and clean! Sounds like you have alot on the go! Enjoy your day...

  2. That's one tutorial I have to see! It sounds like a genius idea!

    I'm staring down the barrel of an empty nest, too. My youngest is a sophomore in high school, so I have awhile, but it's certainly a new chapter. I hope you all have a wonderful time in Italy and Turkey.


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