July 20, 2010

Crochet covered stones...

Purl Bee has a lovely tutorial by Margaret Oomen of Resurrection Fern. She has graciously shared a beautiful pattern for a crochet cover for a smooth rock or river stone. Her art and nature studies are amazing as I am sure you know.  If you are not familiar with her blog, you must go over soon! I have not been lucky enough to purchase one of her gorgeous rocks (they are gone in an instant) in her Etsy store, but I do own this wonderful print.

When I couldn't find any more appropriate stones, I decided to try her pattern out on a couple of maple limb slices my husband cut for me. It worked perfectly, and even gave me a nice flat surface to display my little birds. I love how it looks on the pebble mat in the porch.

I also found these nifty ideas from Design Sponge DIY's for using wood slices,
embroidered and buttons!

This pattern is fairly simple using basic crochet stitches. Give it a try! I am going to try and find some nice big stones when we go hiking later this summer (my outdoorsy son will be home visiting from SC). After all, a name like Stony Brook State Park is bound to have just what I'm looking for!


  1. i think this is a beautiful way to decorate spaces in a organic and chic way...i´m searching stones to make some nice pieces for me and my daugther


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