June 8, 2010


Nice  hair "do"(don't?), I think Ava is trying her best to look like Mr. Darcy doglet. It took her whole nap time to work this one up!

That dog just loves her.

Speaking of sweetness, I made these S'Mores Bars (Baked Perfection), using homemade Marshmallow Fluff. Thanks to Homemade Mamas (via Craft Gossip). They are more like a candy and small portions are sufficient. If you are a big fan of S'Mores, you will love this recipe! I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make the Fluff. There are several ways in which it can be used. We were dipping fresh strawberries in it...yummy! It would be fantastic layered in a parfait glass with my chocolate pudding (maybe with some graham cracker crumbs as a layer?). The consistency is much easier to deal with than that commercial stuff. Give it a try, just because it is such a cool idea! Here is a picture of my bars...

P.S. I made a few changes...the Marshmallow Fluff recipe calls for 1/2 tsp. salt, I used 1/4 tsp., and it was plenty.
A nine inch pan is a better size for the S'Mores Bars and I used Hershey milk chocolate bars (5) of the six that come in the package usually used for outdoor S'Mores. I also had no problem,  just sprinkling the top crumbs over and pressing down gently...no need to put into a plastic bag first and press out.

That frisbee definitely does not belong in the house naughty doglet!!!

Have a great day, everyone!!!


  1. mmmmm that looks delicious!

  2. Awww, little one looks precious with her hair all tousled! The s'mores look delicious:)

  3. Oh my goodness Ava and Mr. Darcy...what a gorgeous picture. I have to say I squealed when I saw Mr. D as he is the most gorgeous bundle of fluff ever and if he is anything as naughty as Billy....you are working very hard to keep order in the home :-)

  4. Oh, yummm! Marshmallow Fluff! one of my favorite things to eat with a spoon..lol
    Sweet girl and pup! Love her hair.. my little one had the same curls! (she is now 26 and uses a flat iron)
    Thanks so much for your visit today and your kind words!

  5. I'm having a great give away and would like you to invite to join in ;)

  6. Oh, poor Ava!
    I had hair exactly like that when I was little. She's so cute!!! :-)

  7. I think the dog is using the frisbee as a plate. He's asking for one of those bars!

  8. that little puppy is soooo cute......and the hairdo is fantastic :)

    have a great day!


  9. Such cuteness!!!
    Hmmmm! yummers!!! do you deliver??
    Thank you Roseanne girl! for your... "Beautiful" comment on my weeds and salt & Pepper.

  10. those photos are all kinds of wonderful. her hair...what a little angel!

    and Mr. Darcy is only the very best name ever...coming in second only to Delicious Mr. Darcy :)...what a cute puppy dog.


  11. Ava is oh-so-cute! And so is Mr. Darcy. The smores dish looks like something I should stay away from. (too wonderful) If the ingredient includes chocolate, it's not safe around me. Lovely post.


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