May 17, 2010

This chair? Really? Okay...

My daughter Lauren found this chair in the "barn" of her current home. She has wanted to refinish and reupholster it for a long time. Now that she is moving soon, the time was right. Her family will be needing some extra chairs for sure. I know it looks rough, but my blog friends, I know you can envision it as it will be (insert lots of imagination, here). I really like the mix of mid-century modern with a hint of traditional in the slightly turned out legs. The barn is more like a large dry garage space and it was kept dry if not clean.

Yesterday, was a beautiful day and when the phone rang, I knew it was Lauren. We live two hours apart and she was SO wanting Mom there to work on a project, together. I was in intensive puppy training and Papa is going to Pittsburgh, so an impromptu visit, wasn't going to happen. Instead we came up with preparing the chair for refinishing. "That will keep you busy", I said. Oh yes, "a thousand tacks later", as she put it, and a little joint tightening, courtesy of her handy father-in-law, the chair was in pretty good shape. The springs were tight and did not have to be replaced. We will replace the tattered burlap with modern webbing and of course, new foam and batting. She will make a pattern from the removed fabric and when the new fabric is chosen we will refinish the legs appropriately. I will be going to visit on the 27th, so we will work on it together then.

The boys are looking forward to seeing Darcy as much as Nana, I suspect.  Layton, age 2, did say "I love you Nana", and that he would see me in "two times". Okay(melted here). I miss them all so much. Two hours isn't very far away, and I am grateful that it isn't further. Sometimes I wish they were around the corner, though. I am lucky to have my younger daughter Kate ( BTW, Can you make another Key Lime Pie? She is a fabulous baker) here with her family, so I guess I am just greedy. Their older brother Seth and his wife (no babies, yet) live in South Carolina, a much bigger trip! Charleston is a great place to visit and Kiawah Island is a favorite vacation place for us. We have often dreamed of having a "Kennedy" type compound there for family reunions, uh huh, sure! Have a great Monday!!

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  1. I'm curious to see 'how the chair comes along'.... have fun with it!
    Nice post!


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