May 1, 2010

New Treasures Found...And Finished Plate Rack

Shhh! I am supposed to be cleaning out the back porch then working in the yard. Here I am sharing with you the treasures I found on Thursday with K. Our stops included: Salvation Army Thrift Store, Artiques ( a great little shop), and the Ontario Antique Mall. Oh, there was another antique store as well, just can't remember the name of it. Another great day of finds.

This is what I purchased at the SA:

A large bisque planter with beautiful bas relief castles (will be painted) $3.99
Beautiful bottle with raised design in harlequin check pattern $.99
Two children's chairs, solid wood, sturdy (need refinishing) $ 7.99 each

At Artiques and the other little shop I found : a vintage children's apron, a brown majolica pitcher, an amethyst glass flower frog, a bird flower frog, a handmade covered hanging basket (I will use for cat treats), vintage rhinestone buckle (no pic, sorry), a globe with wonderful raised relief 1960, (the antique tailors press board was from an earlier excursion with Mr. B.) and a coal miners little wooden canary cage (no pic, sorry) I will be using some of these things in future projects.

At the Ontario Antiques Mall I found: a vintage peanut butter jar with zinc top (an adorable jumble peanut elephant decoration), an flower embroidered pillow case, and a little pressed glass top, I will use in a making a cloche (see above SA pic).

Here is the plate rack after painting...I still need to style it a bit but I put some things in it so you can get the idea. You will notice some of my new treasures have made the cut (child apron, majolica pitcher, peanut butter jar, bird "frog") Thank you, Mr. B. it is beautiful! 

Now, I want to commission Julie Whitmore (gorgeous french faience pottery, go check it out) to design a special platter for me. 


  1. Oh that is pretty...I sure wish I had been along on your shopping trip..but we probably would have run to the same things
    It warms my heart that you
    will JUMP
    truly it is the only way
    full force
    action for your life
    I only hope it helps my adopted blog daughter Bethany...she is such a wonderful heart

  2. You really scored! Great finds, and that plate rack is fabulous! You really have a knack for the way you display things.

  3. The plate rack looks fab!
    well done.

  4. Sounds like you are my kind of shopper! And I love your plate rack with all of your wonderful treasures! I hope you get your custom platter soon!

    Kat :)

  5. Love all your treasures and creative ideas! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

  6. Thank you Roseanna,
    for stopping by my place. Do you just not love those goodwill/Salvation army deals !!!

    I feel as if we are doing our part in recycling, go figure I will have a $3,000 furniture piece in a model home and find a $10.00 chest that I will refinish, paint and age and it will be the piece that everyone will call me for :)

    So all I can say don't buy new, and keep inspiring us with you treasured finds.


  7. Sounds like a fun day. I can feel the rush just reading your story about it. I like the little hanging basket on your new, too cute plate rack.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  8. Hi Roseanna!
    Wonderful treasures! I love those sweet little chairs and the plate rack looks just fab.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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