May 10, 2010

Mother's Day gift...Meet Darcy

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. The weather was scary around here with fifty mile an hour winds, downed trees and power lines.
And snowed again. Inside was cheery and warm, especially with the newest member of the family, Darcy (I am a huge Jane Austen fan). Darcy  is a Malta-poo and he is nine weeks old. I am completely in love with this dog! He has the sweetest personality. We are hoping that the cats, Prance and Lilybelle will be accepting. They are staying separate for now until they are used to the smell of the dog in the house.
These dogs make terrific pets, not only because of their mellow personalities, but,  because they do not shed and are hypo-allergenic. They have hair, not fur.  Periodic haircuts are needed at the groomers. Oh, that face.

If you are an expert in training dogs you will not want to hear this next part. We are failures at crate training. The cries were heartbreaking, and Mr. B. is a big softie. Darcy prefers to sleep in our bed. Very bad, I know.  He sleeps soundly through the night and only wakes up when we do. He has had his first bath and is doing quite well with paper training. Darcy will be trained to go outside after he receives his next shots this week. Right now, he is sitting next to me in a chair, asleep again. We have a soft crate for him to retreat to in the family room and he feels comfortable there.  Thank you, Mr. B for indulging me this gift. Now if we can only find a home for the teenagers we would be all set. Just kidding boys ;)  (sorry  about that IMac cord in the pictures)


  1. Hi..I’m Barb….I am from FF.. I am your newest follower. I hope you will get a chance to visit my blog @
    & get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well. Nice to meet ya
    New friend!!

  2. Oh my goodness! She looks just like my cock-a-poo Pipa!

  3. Oh, he's precious! Smiling eyes. I don't blame you for indulging him -- he looks like a living, breathing teddy bear.

  4. Hi it's nice to meet a fellow Jane Austen fan...and I adore your handsome Darcy doggie! he's precious! and my dog too begged to cuddle up on my bed...and I was just as bad and let her! lol

    i'm now following come by and see me too at my main blog...creative Carmelina...

    hope to see you there!

    ciao bella

  5. Oh you lucky woman! Oh go and let him have a spot on the bed...would you let your baby cry all night...NEVER...comfort...he needs comfort..I know they say crates are the best...I'd like to put them in a the laundry room far away from the family at night...tell me I'm not right...I love you for being a good puppy mom
    Oh and DARCY...swoon....
    so romantic..oh the tension

  6. Hi Roseanna!

    Oh, I adore the name Darcy! I too am a huge Jane Austen fan, I only wish I had thought to name our dog that. Ahh well, next one.
    He's a cutie. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. How adorable. My daughter has a 6 month old labradoodle. Her name is Ellie and she is 8 pounds she is adorable. Good luck with the puppy training.

  8. What a cutie! Congrats on your newest 'family' member.


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