May 6, 2010

Learning to make slip covers...

I wanted to try my hand at slip covers, so the children chairs seemed like a good place to start. I used the method of pinning in place, marking and trimming. First, I used newspaper to make a pattern of the main pieces I needed. This was my first slip so I used muslin to make a fabric pattern for my toile (isn't it pretty?). Do not pay any attention to the green legs on the chair, both chairs and table will be painted in a light taupe. Remember, I am the "horse before the cart" kind of girl. What do you think? I am satisfied with this one, now I will sew the other. I can't wait for the girls (Bella and Ava) to see it.

Here is a lampshade embellishment I really like, there will be a pair of these. Love the ruffled bias tape, easy and fast on the machine...need to work on getting it perfectly centered, but, I think I have it worked it out. It is attached with SOBO fabric glue, tacky and I did not have to hold it on, it grabs right that. Roses attached this way also.

This is a fish fossil that I bought from MW Nature's Antiquities, an Etsy shop you must visit! Mr B. wants to hang it here, above the stove. I think he is right, it looks amazing against the tile and adds a nice touch. We are still figuring out how to hang it, maybe epoxy a hanger on the back of the fossil and use a 3M removable hanger on the tile? 

I am linking here today. 

Beyond The Picket Fence


  1. You are such a talented lady, it just amazes me. Great slipcover. LOVE the lampshade treatment. I am going right over to that Etsy shop. My boy is a science geek (in the best way), and this looks like something he would love.

  2. Your slipcover looks great! Thanks for stopping by today. Thought you might like my giveaway.

  3. Hi Roseanna!
    Wow, those look fantastic! You are one talented lady. :-)

    Have a great Friday!


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