April 15, 2010

Ottoman Crocheted

Hi, I have been away too long. Here are a few of the projects I have been working on. First, an ottoman made for my daughter Lauren's family room. It is made out of "Thick 'n Quick" yarn, that has a percentage of wool in it and is very soft. The name says thick and it is,  crocheted with a size "N" hook. Again, it was fairly quick, especially considering I was designing it as I went along. Sometimes you just have to dive in
and go for it. I had clear idea of how big I wanted it (it is very big 24 inches diameter, 12 inches tall). After all, the three beans (grandsons, aged 2-7) would have to wrestle on it I was sure! The ottoman is filled with a cushion I made from brushed twill in the same color, the cushion is stuffed with 2, 24 inch pillows (on sale at JoAnn's) and additional fiber fill. The pillows filled out the cushion nicely and I was able to shape them with rounded edges with a little more fiber. I wanted the ottoman to be firm but still flexible. This combo worked perfectly. Still deciding on a button for the center...What do you think? If there is interest I could do a tutorial.

There was a skein leftover(the ottoman used 6 1/4 skeins) so I made this little basket...I think it would look great lined with a waterproof material and a nice weathered large pot in it. It is about 10 inches in diameter.

I am linking this project here:  

Beyond The Picket Fence


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  2. If only I could spell . . . let me try again.

    Beautiful ottoman, Roseanna! I can't crochet, so it doesn't look like the thing to learn on -- gorgeous!

    It reminds me a little of a cupcake by its shape. I bet if you crocheted it up in those colors and embroidered (somehow) jimmies on top -- a little girl's dream!

  3. That is just incredible. Wonderful style and color. You are very talented. Love the basket you made to go with it. xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

  4. That ottoman is super! What an enterprising project. And a slightly less stuffed version of it would make a lovely child's bedside table.

  5. That is seriously impressive! thanks for sharing your talent.

  6. You made that?! It's beautiful. Is crochet a dying art form? I wish I had of paid attention when my mum was "trying" to teach me :(

    I'm impressed.

  7. I'm so impressed!! I really want to do a rattan style one or a length of stringy cord. Or a big puffy cream version

  8. Do you have the pattern for this Ottoman. I would love to make this!

    1. Deanna,
      I did not write down the pattern, I just sort of figured it out as I went...however, I just saw this free ravelry pattern,via Pinterest, that is very close to what I did. I just added bobbles at even intervals when I started the side. I hope this helps! Good luck!


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