April 28, 2010

A New Member of the Family...

Claude has a new pet...at least he will in about 4 weeks, when it is weaned. A cockatiel he has named Jack. It is a birthday present from me.
I was hoping this new baby would be ready by May 14th., which is his actual birthday. Jack will have a white face and a pretty comb as he gets older. Dad will visit often, in order to bond and Jack will be hand raised. Apparently, that will make him a nicely behaved bird. I am not so sure
that we have "nicely" behaved cats, however. Perhaps, they will want to be friends with Jack instead of making him dinner? Here is his first appearance on video.

Welcome Jack!!

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  1. That will be a sweet birdie-gift! I hope your kitties behave. Your creations are lovely :)


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