April 28, 2010

A New Member of the Family...

Claude has a new pet...at least he will in about 4 weeks, when it is weaned. A cockatiel he has named Jack. It is a birthday present from me.
I was hoping this new baby would be ready by May 14th., which is his actual birthday. Jack will have a white face and a pretty comb as he gets older. Dad will visit often, in order to bond and Jack will be hand raised. Apparently, that will make him a nicely behaved bird. I am not so sure
that we have "nicely" behaved cats, however. Perhaps, they will want to be friends with Jack instead of making him dinner? Here is his first appearance on video.

Welcome Jack!!

April 27, 2010

April Snow...

We awoke this morning to find this:

If you click to enlarge the picture, you will see it more clearly...yeah, a little blizzard. Welcome to upstate NY, where we like to say "If you don't like the weather, stick around, it will change in ten minutes!".  Yes, and there is a nice blowing, chilly, air current going on. My blossoming cherry tree is lovely, isn't it?

I think it is a great day to stay home and bake something.

UPDATE: "10 minutes later"...

April 21, 2010

Thrifty Finds Today

I spent a wonderful afternoon with my friend K.  We went to ReHouse (salvage, etc.) and one of our favorite antique shops. It was a small haul but, I really am happy with my little purchases. In fact everything was on a little list in my head.

Brass candelabra (will be painted) $5, children's 50's tea set (looks like
jadeite) $10, zinc topped jars $8 (I especially like the one that has raised glass lettering
that says French's mustard, made right here in Rochester, NY).


I can't think of a better way to avoid to housework on a gorgeous, sunny, warm day. Can you?

An Easel For Your Flat Screen?

Oh yes! There are some who consider the TV (big, elephant in the room) a decorating nightmare. Trust me, every chance I get, I am closing up the media cabinet doors. However, even I like this really cool idea from Restoration Hardware. An Artist easel for your flat screen TV.
The price is $995...a bit pricey for something that will ONLY hold the TV, no storage.

Let's just say we find another place for the DVD and doodads. I found this one on Ebay for $399 and your choice of several finishes.

Of course, for less than $200 you could buy this easel and figure it out for yourself. It would look especially nice in a corner room configuration (Lauren), much less bulky than trying to fit a corner cabinet into the space. I think this would be a stylish and practical solution. I like these alternatives that can make it inexpensive, as well. What do you think?


April 20, 2010

Eco Friendly Lighting I Love....

1. Natural Ostrich Egg Lamp, 2. Lampshades, 3. Wool_Felt_Wrap_Lampshade, 4. lampshade botanical handmade paper, 5. Vintage Crochet Lampshade, 6. Barclay, 7. Canyon Dancer, 8. Ash Pendant No1, 9. this years tree, 10. "THIS" Light Series #2c, 11. Fabric flower garland, 12. doilie light

Here is a lampshade I made from a discarded lampshade frame and my backyard curly willow tree. It sits on an old converted kerosene floor lamp that belonged to Mr. B.'s grandmother. It was given a coat of copper and verdigris and is very pretty on the back porch. If you look closely, you will see that I found little round bulbs for it...they kind of look like eggs. The handmade bird finial was the perfect touch. Making finials for lamps is very simple to do. In the last picture I have used an  odd salt shaker with no mate, isn't the frog adorable, holding a doll?

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April 15, 2010

Beautiful Heirloom Plate

Popping in, again, ( Renee, that's three times today!) to show you a pretty plate that my husband had from his grandmother. It is a lone little bread plate, part of a much larger set (no idea who ended up with it). It is Haviland china. I thought it deserved to be noticed and I placed it on a small painted candlestick with museum putty. I did not want to permanently mount it. We used it in our Easter table decoration with a small nest on it. Is it delightful!

Handmade Plate Rack...need your opinion!

This was my anniversary present from Mr. B. He has outdid himself once again. Isn't beautiful? We put it up temporarily so that I could decide how to finish it. I know I want it painted, but I am undecided, should I choose black (like the island, he also made) or the frosted off white of the cabinets. Here are a few pics of my kitchen (ignore the porch mess), what do think would be best? Right now I am leaning toward painting it the frosted white (with some light distressing) with black on the beadboard...help, please!

Here are the kichen pics...

Ottoman Crocheted

Hi, I have been away too long. Here are a few of the projects I have been working on. First, an ottoman made for my daughter Lauren's family room. It is made out of "Thick 'n Quick" yarn, that has a percentage of wool in it and is very soft. The name says thick and it is,  crocheted with a size "N" hook. Again, it was fairly quick, especially considering I was designing it as I went along. Sometimes you just have to dive in
and go for it. I had clear idea of how big I wanted it (it is very big 24 inches diameter, 12 inches tall). After all, the three beans (grandsons, aged 2-7) would have to wrestle on it I was sure! The ottoman is filled with a cushion I made from brushed twill in the same color, the cushion is stuffed with 2, 24 inch pillows (on sale at JoAnn's) and additional fiber fill. The pillows filled out the cushion nicely and I was able to shape them with rounded edges with a little more fiber. I wanted the ottoman to be firm but still flexible. This combo worked perfectly. Still deciding on a button for the center...What do you think? If there is interest I could do a tutorial.

There was a skein leftover(the ottoman used 6 1/4 skeins) so I made this little basket...I think it would look great lined with a waterproof material and a nice weathered large pot in it. It is about 10 inches in diameter.

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