March 6, 2010

Busted Jewelry

Ha! Got your attention. I saw this little project on Design Sponge, and really thought it was clever. However, I have always wanted a marble bust in a classical style and was more inclined toward the Martha Stewart version , which was the inspiration for it. Pictured here. The beautiful bust shown is available (with many other choices as well) online from this company , as mentioned in the article. I went to  and fell in love with an Aphrodite bust  12 inches tall. Perfect. The price was not outrageous, (and they looked high quality) but still at $98, I could not justify it only to display my favorite and vintage jewelry pieces on my dresser.
While wandering down the 80% off aisle at Hobby Lobby I spied a resin bust of a classically styled woman in YUK, resin, YUK, YUK YUK phony, bronze, verdigris, resin (sorry, no before picture). Her shape was okay, there was a good weight to her, so, those visions of spray paint began to dance in my head. Did I mention her price tag? Okay, for $6, she would have to do!
I used Rustoleum's heirloom white first, three coats. Then a few days later I coated her with an acrylic gesso. It added a slightly matte, marble feel and look.  Antique glaze was wiped on. She was dressed in pretty blue crumpled seam binding from Etsy's 5 Dollar French Market ,  my favorite Anthropologie necklace and vintage finds. I think she turned into a beauty!


  1. Wow! She is certainly a vision of beauty. She would fit in at Anthropologie ever so well. Nice work.

  2. yes what a neat idea, i love it! thanks for stopping by posypocket!

  3. Just bust a rhyme! Cute! Wish I had one...

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