November 17, 2009

Natural Treasures Garland

When it was time to take down my "witches garland" after Halloween it looked a little bare. We had gotten use to having something 
seasonal hanging in the doorway to the family room. I had some beautiful hand tail spun wool and my own novelty spun wool and I came up with this idea.  A Natural Treasures Garland! I love how this turned out. It is delicate and subtle. More or less woodsy items can be added as desired. Here is a short tutorial if you'd like to make one yourself. You can do this before Thanksgiving, trust me it is quite easy!

Natural Treasures Garland


1 chunky home spun or purchased wool yarn (several yards)in an earth tone
1 novelty coordinating yarn (a few yards)
Size N crochet hook or larger (you could alternatively, knit (13 needles) a couple of long rows to span doorway)
2 small finish nails for top of casing in doorway
various natural treasures (the backyard was a "gold mine") I used:
pheasant feathers
cinnamon sticks
sedum blossoms
rose hips
chive seed heads
small pine cones
small cedar roses
acorn caps
dried seed pods
add whatever is in your backyard, even colorful leaves would be easy to include.

First I crocheted along chain of the tail spin yarn and double crocheted a second row. I strung it up on the same tiny nails from the previous garland and then added my novelty yarn to it, letting it drape a little below. Gather up your natural treasures and tuck them as you please into the little holes created with the crochet. A spot of hot glue may be needed here a there. I used the grapevine on top of the casing, tucking the ends around the tiny finish nails. It would look equally nice as part of the draping wool. You could use small ornament hooks to hang other items. I found it was easier to add things after the wool was hung, stepping back to check to the progress. Easy, right? I would love to see what you create! Have fun.

I am working on a Christmas version of this that is quite fun...I will post a how to when it is finished!


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