September 9, 2009

Norwegian Purl for Continental Knitters

This is for the continental or "picking" knitters out there. I hated purling! It always felt awkward for me and slowed me down a bit.
I had this odd way of "throwing" when I needed to purl, using my left hand to throw, ridiculous, I know. We probably all have some unusual habits when it comes to knitting or crocheting. I am convinced it is a combination of how old we were when we were taught and if we were quite young (me, for instance) our imitation of the teacher, accomplished in a way that our (my) immature fingers could manage. Does that make any sense? Over the years I became quite adept at making the end product look tensioned evenly, but it wasn't pretty to watch. I was told that everyone does it differently, but I still felt slightly embarrassed in front of other knitters, who somehow "got" the continental purling technique down pat and were just as quick and fluid with it as their garter stitches.

Enter...Norwegian purling! Here is the video that changed everything (as far as purling is concerned) for me. I believe it was featured in a article that I received in an email "round up". I will not attempt to explain it in detail (just watch), but the basic idea is, this stitching method let's you purl without moving the working yarn to the front! If you hate to purl, give this a try. You will have to practice it, but once you have it you will love it. Now I rib and cable like a pro...let me know if you decide to try it.


  1. I hate purling to.I crochet but a knitting is my first big love,but purling.Norwegian purl is something else.I pretend that is not purling.Now I love to purl.

    1. Sonja, I feel the same way! Thank you for visiting...

  2. Wish I'd commented a while back. I love purling once I learned this method. I especially love rib or moss stitch; the back and forth is very soothing. Thank you.


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