September 8, 2009

Beautiful Felted Vest

I just love the beautiful felted vest made by Margo (Her Majesty Margo). The colors are magnificent, the cut of it is perfect. She made this vest as part of a workshop given by Myfawny Stirling, another incredible artist. I can only hope she will give another workshop soon. Wet felting is a glorious process, in which all sorts of transformations take place under your hands. It has an ancient history in many cultures, of course, functional as well as decorative, but todays artists are stretching the boundaries in the most extraordinary ways. Incorporating various materials, such as the silk in Margo's vest, known as Nuno, is one of my favorites. Silk, another ancient medium, adds a strong but light dimension to dense felt. An oxymoron for sure, but the results are undeniably
remarkable. Thank you Margo, for sharing your workshop experience and the gorgeous result of your endeavors! Check out some of Margo's other work here.


  1. Beautiful! I absolutely love it, even the colors, which normally wouldn't be my first choice. Thanks for letting us in on this.

  2. So beautiful, I love the patterns and the colors.


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