September 11, 2009

Another Bear, the sailor...

I have finished making the "sailor" bear for little S. I am really pleased with this very big bear, he is more than 24" tall. He is going to live in a warm place and I thought the sailor outfit (a childlike interpretation) was appropriate. Imagining a resourceful bear, looking for an adventure in play, I wanted a paper folded hat. It is actually made from interfaced muslin that has the comic pages transfered on strategic areas. It is not only a sturdier alternative for an active boy, but is a reminder of the city it came from as well as the date it was constructed.  A simple sailor's collar and fishy heart completed the costume. He has a wool felt heart nestled inside his stuffing, with the child's name and date. S. will give him a name! My uncle was delighted with him and will be delivering "sailor bear" for me to a very special boy in his life. 

P.S. I was having fun with Photoshop in the first picture!


  1. Ship ahoy! I love Sailor Bear. Wishing him a "bon voyage"

    Carolyn Saxby

  2. Bears! I'm so fond of them :). ANd I particularly like the hat and thenecklace. He's really a handsome fellow!


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