August 30, 2009

Creative Time

Having the flu in August is not fun. It set me back a week or two. I fell fast and hard and my husband and the boys followed. I just hope this is not a bad omen for the coming winter. We are all feeling better now, sort of. Each one of us in various states of recovery. Ian is not happy that he will have his wisdom teeth taken out on Tuesday...yet another melodrama. I am just glad that there is another week before school starts, thanks to the late Labor Day this year.

What has any of this have to do with creative time? Despite feeling rather lousy, I have been productive with my drawing pad and sorting things out. I also was able to complete several projects I had started. The most important being the shower gift for E. It was to be a Poohish sort of bear (based on the "real Pooh, now residing in the children section of the NYC Library), a little free motion stitched pillow and a appliqued laundry bag to wrap it all up in. The "grand-mom to be" was taking it to Boston this weekend for the baby shower...hope you liked it E. Hugs...

While I had the sewing machine out, I thought I would make another bear. Oh, and cut out a third for little S., made a few more ceramic cups with the Jane Austen quotes, spun some wool for dyeing, helped Bella make her first quilt( she picked out all the fabric, helped cut the squares, laid them out in her preferred order, stitched for the first time on the sewing machine), and free motion stitched a dragon pillow for Colin. The drawings I worked on were for a collaborative effort with my friend M., a very talented potter, and some beaded necklaces that will be Christmas gifts....shhh!

So there you have it, creative time. I think I need a nap...


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