June 13, 2009

Felted Sunflower Door Hanging

My daughter Kate was trying to find something unique to hang on her front door. She wasn't sure about a wreath, and she could not find one she liked. I told her I would come up with something different and here it is. This is a picture of it on my front door, while it was drying. Her door is a soft red color and not quite as large. It will show up nicely on her door. I used a 7 inch metal ring and crocheted around the edge with hand spun wool in an apple color. In the center I crocheted green wool chains in a grid pattern attaching across the circle. The intersections of the grid were tied with "seed" colored wool. This arrangement provided a way to also hang the sunflower, the metal ring gave it stability.

The next step was adding the golden wool crocheted fringe, this was attached with matching thread. Into the washer it went, and sixteen minutes later, it was felted. I crocheted a 5 stitch i-cord, and large leaves with some bulky green single yarn. They were also felted. To assemble I inserted wire into the i-cord for about 14 inches and wove some green florist wire into the leaves, so that I could shape them. The leaves, stem and flower were sewn together with strong thread. Done.

I hung it up to dry and was getting a little attached to it...but, alas Kate liked what "I came up with" and took it home!


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