June 17, 2009

Felted Rocks, Rock!!

I can't stop, help...I can't stop felting rocks, backyard rocks, beach rocks, dollar store pebbles, stones found on walks. It is insidious, I thought I would just do a few to add to my nature table, ha! I was soon looking for all kinds of rocks and begging from friends if they happened to have a very "stony" backyard. I would warn you not to try this at home...but I know you will, anyway. They are just too beautiful to resist, especially after they are embellished with embroidery. Simple french knots with hand spun wool was my choice for these. The possibilities however are endless. I have seen these around the blogs for a while now, and everyone asks "WHY?".
Artist do not have to have a reason for anything I have decided. There! 

Just in case you insist on a function for these beauties, I have come up with one. At least for the smallish ones (for example the size you find in the "floral" aisle of the dollar store, used to line vases). Before felting I add a small powerful little round magnet (Hobby Lobby or other craft store) you can glue it first to a flat side with E-6000, but it really isn't necessary(unless you choose to felt by hand, let set overnight first). The felting process will keep it put. I have felted some by hand, and some by machine, both give great results. Thank you, Design Sponge and Resurrection Fern for the excellent tutorials.

The picture above is one of my black felted rock magnets, on a metal blackboard...say that three times, fast!  If you make some, functional or not, will you please share a picture here?

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  1. I am crazy about crocheted rocks but now, I'm crazy about your felted rocks, too! And creating a nature table sounds wonderful. xox


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