May 21, 2009

A Summer Welcome

Hi, I am just popping in to say I will share my new project soon. I was inspired by this picture of Dorothy Sebastian and one of my Mom taken in 1962. Please don't ask me to explain how I get these things into my head. I just know that when I do...I must create?

My back door entrance needed a little love. The new door has been awaiting paint for quite a while now. Does anyone one else just need to be in the mood to paint? The door is a nice satin black, inside and out. I also painted the door jams and molding on the garage side black as well. It draws the eye to the entrance and not the recycling, bicycle, sports equipment, worktable mess. Sort of.
In my opinion it needed a piece of art, too. Since it is almost summer, the pool is open...and we use this door most of the time, I thought a bathing beauty, circa 1929 done in quilting, free motion stitch, paint and crochet would be a pretty welcome. Have I piqued your interest? I promise to post a picture tomorrow of the finished piece! I'll try and dig up that picture of my "hot" Mom at the beach also! Sweet dreams...


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