May 16, 2009

Mr B.'s new toy!

My husband's birthday was a couple of days ago and among his "loot" was a new Flip Video Camera. This camera is amazing. It is the high definition version and it will shoot about sixty minutes of video and it is really small. It has a built-in flip out dongle (the little doohicky thing that you plug into the fire wire slot) to instantly download, the battery recharges as you do and it will fit onto a tripod just like our NikonD80. Apparently, this is a pretty "hot" item. You can check out this site for all the other techno geek stuff. I just think it is very cool and very small, you can take it anywhere. I hope he lets me borrow it for future live action tutorials! (Now you are in for it!)

If you decide to get a Flip camera, make one of these...just in case you have some great action to shoot and do not have a tripod with you. Heck, make one for everyone you know who likes to take photos. I always feel awkward and shy about bringing a tripod with me. Yet, it is so important for good photos, and video. This little gizmo (another high tech term) is brilliant. 

$1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera - Lose The Tripod - Watch more funny videos here

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  1. I love your site! So much to see, and thank you for the video and taking better pictures! I have a heck of a time stableizing my photos. Have a great day!


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