March 14, 2009

Camp Pluckyfluff!

I never thought it would happen...Camp Pluckyfluff is coming to my universe. The Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild (thank you Alanna for making this happen) is hosting this two day workshop with the author of Intertwined, Lexi Boeger. She is the innovative designer of gorgeous novelty art yarns. To say I am impatiently awaiting this event is a huge understatement. The class will be on March 28-29. Two whole weeks to go! 

In the meantime I am collecting all sorts of goodies for spinning. The jumbo flyer for my Ashford Traveler has yet to come out of the box. I know I will be needing it for the thicker spins and add-ons. I have a silk dress that is now a ball of lovely spinning material, 2 lbs. of soft wool in two colors, various other fibers like silk cap, banana silk, sari silk, golden thread, silver tinsel, beaded thread,etc. The class requires you to bring some wool fiber nubs and instructions are given for making these. I will be combing my stash for other delightfuls to add. 

I am such a groupie...just hope that she signs my book.

Has anyone already been to camp? I would love to hear from you about it!


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