February 16, 2009

Mary Janes Applique Tutorial (PDF link now fixed)

I thought I would share with you this very cute applique I designed, for a cover to the heated rice bags I gave as Christmas presents this year. Anyone who knows me is aware of my love for red shoes...bags too! So naturally these had to be red maryjanes.
You of course, can choose your favorite color! Wouldn't they be adorable done in black velveteen?

The pattern PDF is below. You could also make this into a pillow cover.
I have included below the steps for the applique on the cover. To finish sewing your insert and cover please visit V. and Co. excellent rice bag tutorial!

Supplies needed:

1/2 yd or less of decorator fabric for cover
small amounts of cotton fabric for shoes and straps
1/2 yd or less muslin for rice bag and insoles
double sided fusible web
heavy cotton black thread
all purpose black thread (for bobbin)
small amount of gold/yellow embroidery thread

Transfer pattern to cardboard and cut out pieces. Fuse shoe, straps and insole fabrics to webbing per directions in package. Place pattern pieces face down on to paper side on fused fabrics. Draw around and cut out carefully. Set aside.

With muslin cut out 2 rectangles measuring 14 x 8 inches, with decorator co
ver fabric cut out 3 rectangles measuring
14 x 8 ", 10 x 8 " and 8 x 8".

Place the 14 x 8" decorator fabric on the ironing board. Remove paper backing from Shoe, straps and insole pieces.
Arrange shoes (red) as in the picture, touching at an angle, to your liking and centered on fabric. Press according to the directions
for your fusible.

Next, position the insoles as pictured. Press in place. Add straps (should look like a slight U) on insoles and shoes as pictured and press.

Now you are ready to stitch. I used the rough applique technique which I think adds a naive charm to these shoes. It is
very easy to do. Thread you machine with black bobbin thread (all purpose) and black (heavy) stitching thread. Start stitching around perimeter of shoes, then straps and finally around insoles. Go over a few times on the perimeter intimating bottom soles at toes. Don't try for perfection, these are meant to be loosely outlined (refer to picture). If you have the setup these can be stitched free motion, which is how I did them. Thread an embroiderer's needle with gold thread and stitch a buckle on the outside of straps.

Please let me know if your need any clarification. I hope you enjoy making one of these!


  1. If you are having trouble enlarging pattern, send me an email and I will send you the PDF.

  2. Roseanna, I'm visiting from One Pretty Thing's link party, and started poking around. Love your blog - and I have those red Mary Janes! I've worn through my favorite pair, and have a new pair waiting as soon as I recover from foot surgery.
    A big "wave" from Cape Cod,
    Jude at
    dolcecapecod dot blogspot.com

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