April 2, 2014

On my worktable...

A couple of jellyfish.
Crocheted Jellyfish

Bella's school project

 My granddaughter Isabella asked me to help her design a 3D jellyfish for a school project on sea life.
She will be presenting a report to the class on this subject. We raided Nana's fabric and fiber stash and came up with a plan. Translucent, synthetic fabric in glittering, iridescent shades of grays, blues and periwinkle would be the body of the jellyfish. We cut many circles of each fabric and Nana (for safety reasons) gently melted the edges using a candle. Doing this caused the fabric to curl and wave, giving the illusion of motion in the water. The top iridescent circle was lightly stuffed with soft, crumpled tulle scraps, looking very much like the insides of a jellyfish. Smaller circles were layered together and were fabric glued together at the center (just as the large circles were). Many different fibers, yarn, and fabric were then hand sewn to the center on the smaller circle pile and became our jellyfish's tentacles. Bella did a great job in placing, sewing and knotting all those many tentacles! Ava helped as well. The tentacle piece was hand sewn to the top and we were done. She was very proud and happy with her creation. We had so much fun, and...I think she deserves an A+.

The crocheted jellyfish in the top picture was made by me, just for fun. Maybe Bella can wear it as a necklace on the day of her presentation! What do you think?


March 21, 2014

First Day of Spring????

You could not prove it by me...the whole house came down with the flu a few days ago. High fevers and miserable aches and pains. We are mending slowly. We thought we had escaped this endless, bitter winter unscathed, but it was not to be.
Enough of that! The sun has decided to appear in short bursts and I am grateful for small favors.

Before being taken down, I was spinning in earnest again. Weaving has me excited to try new art yarns and I needed to brush up on my skills. It is like bike riding in a way, but I want to find the groove I once had. Does that make any sense? My stash of fibers is growing and I especially want to spin some locks. Here is several ounces of locks, teased and ready for core spinning.
I have also purchased some lovely charcoal shades of locks from an Etsy shop, and some beautiful soft gray fiber from my local yarn shop. When I am feeling better I will make some tailspin. We are at the end of the warm boot season, but have you seen this on Pinterest?
Here is the link to JaZZ Turtle's instructions...I will definitely be making these for next winter!

Purchased hand dyed, hand spun in sample star stitch (crochet)
 Love the way this stitch shows off the gorgeous hand dyed wool yarn...hmmm, what to make???
More finished weavings...
Ava, age 6, first weaving (WOW)

Small coastal weaving for Lauren, with a handmade clay house button.
Finished Blue loom with hand blown glass, egg bead by Ellen Ingram.
Okay, so this is my new obsession...which rigid heddle loom to buy? What size?

MiMi, with bed head

February 25, 2014

On my work table...

Spring nests...
These nests are so fun to make, tutorial here. They are knitted with wool and all sorts of fiber, textiles and fluff added in as you knit. I have also made them using crochet and huge hook. Totally random, with lots of stuff poking out! Throw them in a lingerie bag, add to the washing machine with hot water and a couple of long cycles of agitation and everything fulls (felts) together nicely. Shape while wet...trim here and there, if you must. You can embellish further with attached curly twigs, french knot moss embroidery, blown out quail eggs or small spun cotton birds. A fun spring decor item and lovely gift for a friend!
I will be listing these in my Etsy store later this evening.
Will you be giving it a try?


January 27, 2014

Mixed Media Bead Class...

Is scheduled for Saturday, February 8 at 1:00 P.M. Come and join us for a fun afternoon of making!
All materials (and snacks) provided. Sign up on the Calendar page!
Fabric, suede, glass bead and paper wire feature bead!

January 23, 2014

New February Classes...

are now scheduled. Check out the Calendar page for more info!

On my work table...

Weaving using cardboard.

I have finished this one and started another...
This is addicting...and will be a February class at the studio. Great way to use up all those small items in your stash. Here is photo of this one a little further along. Notice how I have incorporated a fabric feature bead and leather into it. There are no limits to objects that you can weave in! In class we will be using a variety of materials that will make each weaving unique and personal.

Class info will be updated soon. There will be Saturday afternoon classes in February and we will be offering, the Fabric Bead class and the Anyone can Weave class. Both classes are about 3  hours long and the cost is $40, which includes all materials and light snacks! Sign up and bring a friend along for a fun afternoon.


December 14, 2013

On my work table...

New mixed media.

I have a thing for rabbits and hares...clearly.
A fuzzy photo of my deer head, faux taxidermy...
I hope you are having a great weekend! It is very cold and snowy here, I am staying inside today!